• Edible Plant Flowers

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    Lil doesn’t have much patience for gardening some days because “it’s all about vegetables!” She plants her garden in flowers instead of food and she’s taught me to appreciate beauty for beauty’s sake alone.

    But most of the food we grow comes from flowers too. Can you identify these flowers from edible plants?

    chamomile cucumber flower elderflower pattypan squash flower potato flower sesame flower tobacco flower tomato flowerpoppy flower


    Answer key: 1. chamomile 2. cucumber 3. elderberry 4. pattypan squash 5. potato 6. sesame 7. tobacco 8. tomato 9. seed poppy

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    One Response to Edible Plant Flowers

    1. Kelly S
      June 18, 2014 at 11:32 am

      I found it helped to think of the “pretty flowers” as food for pollinators and other happy insects.
      I’d prefer everything in my garden to serve a purpose other than “pretty”, but I’m learning to accept the pre-existing ornamental elements of the garden.
      I do keep wishing that the ornamental cherry tree will blow over in a storm (away from the house and fence). I mean really…an ornamental fruit tree?? What were they thinking?

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