• Punch Rhyme Time With Pink Rum Punch Recipe

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    punch rhyme recipe Bring out your bowls and cups – punches are coming back! These mixed drinks are returning in a big way for good reason – they’re fun, fast, and festive.

    I make punches following the ratio recipe of the traditional Barbadian national rhyme:

    One of Sour,
    Two of Sweet,
    Three of Strong,
    Four of Weak.

    Traditionally, the sour was lime juice, sweet was sugar, honey, or molasses syrup, strong was rum, and weak was black tea. Perhaps punches originated this way because when made with the above ingredients, Barbados rum punch contains alcohol, caffeine, carbohydrates, and scurvy-preventative – everything a sailor needed to make it through a voyage.

    Playing with Punch

    The punch rhyme is a jumping off point for creative cocktail makers like ourselves. We make punches with all types of alcohol. They’re a convenient way to use up vodka infusions. A few drops of bitters creates yet another layer of flavors and punches always taste better after aging overnight in the fridge.

    Here are some ideas for the ingredients:

    Sour – lemon, 100% cranberry, 100% cherry, or lime juice

    Sweet – diluted honey, simple syrup, maple syrup

    Strong – rum, bourbon, vodka, fruit or herb infusions

    Weak – black tea, herbal tea, light fruit juices

    pink punch recipe with tea and rum

    Pink Punch Recipe

    1 part 100% cranberry juice
    2 parts simple syrup
    2 1/2 parts white (unaged) rum
    1/2 part sour cherry liqueur
    4 parts raspberry hibiscus tea
    Angostura bitters, to taste

    1. Mix all ingredients in a glass jar. Hint: A Ball quart or half-gallon jar has convenient measures on the sides for parts.

    2. Shake well to combine and store in refrigerator overnight or up to five days.

    3. Serve over ice, perhaps with a stainless steel straw.

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    1. May 10, 2013 at 3:54 pm

      Funny, with that metal straw, that looks like a waterbottle for our chinchilla’s cage. Where’d you find that cool straw?

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