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    james beard wishing he could be here to eat in columbus

    Central Ohio is home to many fantastic restaurants.  Those of us who live here know it is as difficult to choose a spot for a date night from the many great options as it is to name a favorite child.  Well, except for those of us who only have one child…I guess that isn’t a great simile…

    Outside of our happy heartland,  Columbus restaurants get little love.  It took six months of badgering after the airing of a No Reservations episode about the heartland for Cleveland based food writer Michael Ruhlman to visit our fair city.  When he did, he declared that “Columbus exceeds Cleveland as a worthy food destination.  And what that means is that Ohio itself has become an awesome food state.”

    Now is your chance, our chance, to shine the light on outstanding Columbus restaurants: the James Beard Awards are accepting open nominations through December 31.  Here is my voting slate –

    Outstanding Restaurateur: Liz Lessner, Betty’s, Columbus Ohio

    Best Chef (Great Lakes): Alana Shock, Alana’s, Columbus Ohio / David MacLennan, Latitude 41, Columbus Ohio

    Outstanding Pastry Chef: Spencer Budros, Pistachia Vera, Columbus Ohio /Jeni Britton-Bauer, Jeni’s Ice Creams, Columbus Ohio

    Outstanding Wine Service: Kamal Boulos, The Refectory, Columbus Ohio

    Outstanding Wine & Spirits Professional: Chris Dillman, Sage Bistro, Columbus Ohio / Brady Konya, Middle West Spirits, Columbus Ohio

    Do you agree with my picks?  Will you please take a few minutes to vote for your favorites?

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