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    For yesterday’s Father’s Day extravaganza, I was supposed to bring chocolate sauce to top ice cream sundaes.  I forgot to tell Alex when he was at the store.  We could have gone out again, but I decided instead to try making chocolate sauce.

    After one try, I’m convinced I’ll never buy it again.

    Chocolate sauce is easy to make and delicious!  Plus, when you make it yourself, you have possibilities: finish with bourbon or vanilla, add spices, choose exactly how dark your sauce will be.

    Here’s my version of the recipe I found in our Woman’s Day Encyclopedia of Cookery, circa 1966:

    6 ounces chocolate, melted (I used a Green and Black Original Dark Chocolate Bar)

    1/2 cup cocoa powder

    3/4 cup sugar

    pinch salt

    pinch cayenne pepper

    1 cup boiling water

    Mix all ingredients over medium heat.  Stir/whisk constantly for five minutes.  Let cool and you have delicious chocolate sauce!

    chocolate sauce

    I was too busy enjoying it on ice cream later to take a picture of the sauce in use.  I was worried that it wouldn’t set up properly, but it had a nice thick body.

    We don’t use that much chocolate sauce around here, but I can’t wait to make the next batch.  I’m very curious to experiment with adding liquor, among other variants.

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    1. January 13, 2012 at 7:35 pm

      I grew up with homemade chocolate sauce that my mom always made. I always thought the hersey’s stuff tasted like crap in comparison. We just made some recently, but the recipe calls for corn syrup (which we try to avoid). We’ll have to make this version next time and see what we think!

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