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    Writing a local food and garden blog, I feel obligated to write about the White House Garden ground broken today.  It is a great hope and example to the nation.  So many others have written their kudos and I also am thrilled we have a first family that understands local foods.

    So rather than repeat what’s been said, here’s a new idea that struck me: Man, I am glad no one photographs me when I’m gardening.

    AP photo

    AP photo

    Unlike the beautiful and poised Michelle Obama, I almost never shower before a day of work in the garden and am wearing my scruffiest work clothes.  I consider gardening a form of exercise, so I’m usually huffing and puffing.  My face is dirt streaked and fingernails blackened by soil.  Hair is pulled back or under a hat.

    While I am not embarrassed by my disheveled appearance (gardening is hard work, after all!) I do feel for the first family in that nearly everything they do is public.   Michelle looked a little uncomfortable gardening today, as well would I if I were trying to dig in the dirt without getting dirty.   She managed to pose for photographs with a shovel without exposing herself, whereas I know I would manage to flash someone somehow.

    Tomorrow when I take to the building of our backyard playhouse, I will look like a mess and be happy no one is there to record it.

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    2 Responses to White House Kitchen Garden

    1. Kelly
      March 21, 2009 at 1:56 am

      I was shocked to learn this will be the first garden planted at the WH since FDR. Odd that the layout has no tomatoes or cucumbers.

    2. potagergardengirl
      March 24, 2009 at 3:23 am

      okay i’m not the only one flashing others while gardening. And my nails are still black…I can’t get them totally clean!

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